A digital piggy bank in your pocket. Set a goal and see your savings grow.

We’ve partnered with Plinqit, an external resource, because we know that saving for goals is important. 

Also, with Plinqit you can save for just about anything else you need or want. Use your account for:

  • A dream vacation (or just a vacation)
  • Emergency or rainy-day fund
  • Education for a child or grandchild
  • New car, clothes, wedding….you name it!


As your community bank, we are excited to offer you a savings product that doesn’t charge you monthly fees*.

Let’s keep your savings saved. Getting started is simple and easy:

  1. Go to Plinqit.com or download the Plinqit app.
  2. Create a Plinqit account and link your primary checking account.
  3. Set your savings goal and select how much you want to save weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
  4. Your money will automatically be transferred to your plinqit savings account
*Rewards and incentives are paid out upon completion of your primary savings goal in Plinqit. $10 sign up offer valid through October 31, 2019. The only fee you may pay is a self-selected Break the Safe penalty incurred if you withdraw your funds before completing your savings goal. When setting your savings goal, you may select no penalty. If this option is selected, you will not be eligible to receive a reward for completing your savings goal. Mobile carrier charges may apply.